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Remote beehive monitoring
For higher yield and stronger hives
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Calculate your yield increase

For example, using our hive weight scales
Hives per monitored apiary:
Honey produced by one hive each fortnight, at peak:
Times per year you're early or late to this apiary by a week:
Times per year you're early or late by a couple of days:
Typical number of hours to site:
Price of honey per lb:

hives / apiary

lb / fortnight

times / year

times / year

Hours to site

$ / lb
(Typical number of hives)
(approx lb)
(approx hours)
(wholesale price)
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Yield increase: /yr
and that's for just one apiary*

Cost to you:
See pricing or contact us for volume discounts.
Check our working:
000 hives x 0.0 lb
= 000
lb per fortnight
0 weeks + 0x2 days
= 0.00
Fortnights lost
15 lb x $0.00
= $49.50
Value of lost production
8 hrs x $50/hr + fuel
= $2,100
Unnecessary expense
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