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Remote beehive monitoring
For higher yield and stronger hives
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Improve your productivity

Because Hivemind information is available at your fingertips anywhere, anytime, you are able to make smarter, timely decisions around your beekeeping.

Improve the timing of your site visits

Know when your bees need help - by visiting your apiaries exactly when they need it, you maximise yield and reduce risk to your hives and the crop.

Reduce the number of visits to site

Know when your bees need help - whether it be to top up food supplies, collect honey, add super boxes or check on disturbances. Only travel to hive sites when there is a reason to travel the distance.

Save on operating costs

With reduced hive visits, travel costs to hives are minimised such as staff wages, accommodation, or fuel costs.

Spend less time note taking

Hivemind records all the information for you, simplifying your hive journal. There’s space to add your own additional notes so that you can keep track. Write your notes on the go or when you have time.

More free time

With remote hive management, travel is minimised and hive documentation is more efficient, you’ll have time on your hands. Focus on what you love in life - whether it be family time, growing your beekeeping business, enjoying the outdoors or becoming an even better beekeeper!