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Remote beehive monitoring
For higher yield and stronger hives
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Monitor hive health

Help your bees thrive. By monitoring apiary health, you can take action to improve your bees’ general health so they’re able to focus on building their hive. Hives that are struggling and require intervention are quickly identified, minimising loss of bees.

Ensure bees have a continuous nutrient supply

Know when feed, water, or supplements need topping up.

Quicker mitigation of diseases and other dangers

Help understand and mitigate phenomena such as CCD and Varroa mite.

Minimise risk of swarming

By minimising the amount of stress placed on the colony, the risk of swarming is minimised. Hivemind brings attention to conditions that may increase the chance of swarming, so the beekeeper can intervene in time.

Fewer disturbances

Open your hives at the right time, not when the bees don’t need it. Your bees can be left to do their thing, letting nature be nature.

Identify site-specific microclimates that optimise bee health

Review the weather at apiary locations so that hives can be placed in a position where they are happiest.

Monitor trends year-on-year

Look at seasonal data to learn the unique behaviour patterns of your bees given the conditions experienced. Make decisions that optimise bee health such as hive placement, number of super boxes, amount and type of supplementation etc.