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Satellite-connected beehive monitoring Get tracking

Bee more productive

Work out your yield boost

Knowing a few simple bits of information about your hives can boost your productivity as a beekeeper, and measuring key parameters will increase your hives' productivity.

At Hivemind we love the common-sense philosophy of letting nature be nature, which fits right in with a traditional beekeeper's mindset. However, having a deep knowledge of what your hives are doing is also important for for a two-feet-on-the-ground business.

So we're passionate about providing tools to help you look after your hive with as little interference as possible. Not only can you use our technology to get more out of your bees, having the knowledge it provides enables you to avoid messing around with the bees when you don't need to. It's better for humans and better for bees.

With this visibility, you can do many things easily that were previously time-consuming. You can decide when is best to schedule a visit to your distant hives. Our system records all the information for you, simplifying your hive journal.

More importantly, this knowledge can help you decide where to place your bees, when to collect honey, and when to shift a yard of hives if the flow's dried up. This alone can improve your annual honey yield dramatically.