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Key people behind Hivemind

Berwyn Hoyt BE (Hons)

CEO & customer support
Berwyn Hoyt

With a background of hi-tech electronics and firmware, Berwyn brings an additional 20 years of industry experience. Drawing from a depth of involvement with exciting teams, he adds a robust and reliable foundation of best-practices.

Berwyn loves his job, but also loves to take time out for various hobbies like puzzle-solving or a relaxing evening with friends. Don't tell anyone, but he's also a bit of a Starwars fan.

Bryan Hoyt BSc

Head of cloud tech
Bryan Hoyt

Bryan is in charge of bringing all the information technology together and making it work for humans. He's passionate about seeing high quality, complex software come together in a way that enhances the lives of bees and beekeepers.

Bryan also enjoys creating music, and appreciates good literature and movies.

Cathy Tang

Cathy Tang

Office administration and operations. Cathy's background in quantity surveying helps us plan ahead, and her keen eye helps ensure we stay on track and on time.

Neil Hamilton MBA, CMInstD, BSc

Board Chair
Neil Hamilton

Our board chair is Neil Hamilton who has solid business experience in managing and directing technology companies (Thinking Cap Partners, GM of Trineo, GM of Canterbury Tech, and others).

Neil loves to climb mountains. Literally. On weekends he can often be found seeking that pristine view. This also means that in business he is patient and keeps the long-term goal clearly in mind.