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Hivemind in the Media

The NZ Beekeeper: Data collection: facts, not fiction
November 2018
Hivemind is introduced as a data collection tool to help beekeepers make informed decisions. Beekeepers can "assess when the nectar is flowing, [when] to harvest to avoid other sources blending, ... general hive health and impact of treatments."
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Hivemind seeks Crowdfunding to make bee surveillance for hive health more affordable
3 April, 2017
Hivemind is launching a new Hive Strength Monitor with WiFi that tracks and reports data on hive humidity, bee count, and in-hive and ambient temperature to keep beekeepers informed about the condition of their beehives.
The Buzz About Bees
16 April 2017
Trekking through paddocks to reach your bees has always been one of the dowsnsides to beekeeping. Now beekeepers can monitor their hives with the click of a button thanks to a new industry-leading product -- Hivemind.
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NZ Innovation Awards 2015 Finalist
October, 2015
We would like to congratulate the finalists for the New Zealand Innovators Awards 2015.
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