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Remote beehive monitoring
For higher yield and stronger hives
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Hobbyist options

Options for beekeepers on a budget

While our core satellite-based product can be used by anyone in any sized operation, it is not always economical for beekeepers with a couple hives in the back yard. That said, we do have a lot time for “the little guy”, being a small dedicated team ourselves, and would like to be able to offer a variety of options for any budget.

Firstly, check our yield calculator to see if the potential benefits of monitoring might be the boost you're looking for.

Additionally, we do intend to develop a lower-cost option in the near future that will suit back yard beekeepers (as well as large-scale beekeepers who want to monitor every single hive).

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Previous endeavours

We have looked into the feasibility of developing hobbyist-friendly products in the past, but unfortunately these trials didn't gather enough support from the market, so we chose to focus on our primary product.

The original information for these product ideas is available below. Please note these concepts were never fully developed, and are not available for purchase.

2017 Hive Strength Monitor campaign | 2015 WiFi Beehive Scales campaign (video)