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Caring for bees: tech that nurtures

Beekeeping is a very traditional industry, and at Hivemind we love the common-sense philosophy of letting nature be nature. While it does mean that beekeepers can be rightly skeptical about the advantages of new technology, it also means that beekeepers understand the value of deep knowledge.

Without visibility, you can't get knowledge. Good beekeepers learn how their hives run best by observing them under different conditions. The difficulty is, it can be hard to do this without interfering with the bees, and it can be time-consuming to do with the needed care.

Hivemind's tools provide this visibility without the need to continually interfere with your bees, unnecessarily opening and shifting their hives. Having tools like this will help you and all of us to understand – and mitigate – phenomena like CCD (colony-collapse disorder), the behaviour of diseases like the Varroa mite, and other dangers to bee health. That's why we're so passionate about technology's rightful place in nature – not to replace or to dominate nature, but as another way of caring.