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Remote beehive monitoring
For higher yield and stronger hives
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Using Hivemind in crop pollination

Improve and inform crop pollination. Provide more certainty around pollination and a value-added service to stakeholders. Know the

strength of a hive – understand when the bees are flying and actual numbers of bees working on pollination.

Make mid-pollination adjustments

Make mid pollination adjustments when flying is reduced. This can be due to weather conditions, non performing hives, or poor placement resulting in delayed or reduced flying hours.

Definitive flying time information for spraying

Have definitive information on flying times if spraying is needed during the pollination season - which is required in order to comply with regulations.

Improve the beekeeper-grower relationship

Give more information to growers and other beekeepers around the placement of hives across a property to achieve maximum pollination.

Increase visibility with growers – provide growers with reports or login access to review pollination.

With growers more informed about pollination, they have a greater understanding of pollination and can help make pollination more successful.

Improve pollination year on year as more site data is gathered across the season. This information helps with decision making around key factors such as hive placement, season start/end and the number of hives.

Forecasting pollination success, estimating potential fruit and nut yield becomes possible with this body of site data.