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Case study: Ruge Honey

Rodney Ruge is a highly experienced Aussie beekeeper who has been in the business for 30 years. His successful honey business, Ruge Honey, will go the extra mile to get that perfect drop of honey.


After transporting their hives to location, often travelling thousands of kilometres, Ruge Honey may not see them again for many weeks. In the five years they've been using our weigh scales and other sensors, they have saved thousands of extra kilometres of travel, fuel, and vehicle wear.

Rodney describes a time when they had some hives over 900 kilometres from base, filling with honey every three weeks for a period of around 3 months. When the honey flow dried up, and the hives suddenly stopped gaining weight, it was obvious they needed to go and move them. “Before Hivemind”, he says, “we would have driven the truck out with empty supers to harvest more honey, only to turn around and bring the empty supers back home, then go back and move the bees. Each round trip uses 1000 litres of diesel plus running costs and labour.”

Hive health & honey quality

Hive health and honey quality are also key. For example, Rodney says “One time, Hivemind showed us that bees were starving at one site, while bees recently moved to another site were making healthy daily weight gains.“ This meant Rodney could shift the struggling hives and, in his words, “we will benefit from the stronger hives in the spring plus an extra super of honey.”

That's the difference visibility makes—like your hives are right next door.

Partner visibility

It's also about the big picture, which includes the land and people involved. Businesses like Ruge Honey can share the information among their different stakeholders, building trust, and a body of beekeeping knowledge which can be used to create connections beyond the beehive. Another of our customers, The True Honey Co., shares their information on a daily basis with their landowners, creating mutual trust in the context of highly sought-after land.


At the end of the day it's what you make of it. Whether you're looking for thousands of dollars of additional profit for every site, healthier bees, or the well-being of your organisation, your Hivemind data provides actionable insights, and helps you make informed decisions.

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