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Better Beekeeping

Bees are pretty good at taking care of themselves, and any good apiarist is well aware of the fact. But, like for any organism, conditions aren't always favorable for their success. A great beekeeper sees their job mainly as stepping in when things aren't going so well due to factors outside the bees' control.

And the honey's a great bonus.

At Hivemind, we get that, and we believe the best beekeeping tools are the ones that don't interfere with what the bees do best, but allow you, the beekeeper, to know when things are going well and when they aren't, so you can make decisions about when to visit your hives, what they need most, and where they're performing best.

Knowing the weather, hive weight, humidity, temperature, and other important factors allows you to perfect your timing and give the bees the best chance they're going to get. It's all about improving productivity, hive health, and hive security.